Bi Sheng Beijing 2009, Vocational Training Schools Training Program

in Beijing

Technology for the printing industry as soon as possible to enhance the overall quality workforce to meet the enterprises to optimize the layout of the production structure and product demand, learn new skills to meet the workers, seeking promotion of the desire to learn the industry's skilled workers have classroom training, assessing a platform for promotion, Company for technical support channels a flow of information, practical and effective technical training to support industry Network , Bi Sheng Beijing training school teachers rely on a strong technical team of the industry, printing industry, Beijing joint vocational skills accreditation body (Beijing professional skill by 70), Printing Technology Association of Beijing, the Beijing station for the strong backing of the printing quality, in 2009 as "skills training", with the skills to carry out a series of activities identified.

One senior workers to carry out printing and printing technician training, the necessity and importance

Skilled talent is an important part of personnel. Strengthen the skills of qualified personnel, for speeding up industrial upgrading, to tackle the financial crisis, seize the opportunity to adjust the production structure and product layout, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, has a very important role. In recent years, some printing companies in Beijing have been completed a new round of technological innovation, pre-press, printing, digital printing, and after the increasing degree of automation. The completion of transformation advanced equipment and technology lagging behind the level of workforce skills, the quality of the contradiction between the more prominent. Professional and technical personnel and practitioners generally low skill level of workers, affects the competitiveness of enterprises improved. Existing printed in Beijing Package More than 2,000 enterprises, employing about 10 people. The senior mechanic less than 5% of the total number of workers; technician less than 1% of the total number of workers. Some people describe this situation as a "first-class equipment, second-rate technology, third-rate staff, four flow efficiency." Therefore, Beijing printing industry, subject to further strengthen the professional and technical personnel and operative skills.

2, Beijing printing industry workers, the aim of building technology

Beijing is the leading city, as the capital, Beijing printing industry with unique resources and conditions were identified as priorities the development of municipal urban industrial. Printing industry in Beijing, the city has broad space for development and prospects, we print one shoulder the historic mission. To the next five or ten years to Beijing printing industry bigger and stronger, in the nation to the forefront of the industry, we have a very heavy work to do. Work 1000 10 000, difficulty thousand thousand, of which the core task is the industry's solid and effective manner of strengthening the quality of training of staff to start to carry out to create a learning organization, to become a knowledge-based, high-quality skilled workers training of engineering education. Guide the entire industry employees, full learning, team learning, the whole learning and lifelong learning to enhance learning and innovation. Improve the quality of the work of the staff, focus on staff skills to carry out competitions, job training, teacher with activities and improving their only learning, innovation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, integrate education and training and encourage staff to carry out self-taught, positions talent combine to create an enabling skilled workers to grow and create incentives social environment for the growth of skilled personnel combine to raise the general skill level of employees and create highly skilled personnel together to foster more learning-oriented, skilled, expert type, Management Type of workers. Intermediate training this year, 400 workers, 200 senior workers, technicians and senior technicians 100.

3, to ensure the training quality

Order to ensure the quality of training and quality of Beijing Association Beijing Branch to be commissioned by Bi Sheng Training School (formerly of Beijing Workers secondary schools) and 70th in Beijing professional skill training in the identification of the specific assessment of work undertaken.

Bi Sheng Beijing training school attached to Beijing Ronda Printing and Packaging Group Co., Ltd., is in Beijing designated and authorized by the relevant professional training in vocational skills the only agency with the authority of intelligence, has rich theoretical and practical experience, with cutting-edge expertise to master teachers, training materials and advanced training of teaching standard, practice self-contained, the school since its founding in Beijing has trained a large number of professional and technical workers. Beijing 70th professional skill which is approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor only operating the printing industry, printing industry, prepress, printing, finishing and other types of skills accreditation bodies.

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Bi Sheng Beijing 2009, Vocational Training Schools Training Program

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